Welcome to October

hello October

Oh hi! Welcome to October! It’s definitely getting colder. I do still have my window open, though. I’m very stubborn during the fall season. I love that cold air coming in; giving in to that cold is always difficult.

How was your weekend? Mine was mellow, but productive!

I had no “event” plans, but instead had a lot of food plans thanks to this Whole30 thang.

I ventured to Whole Foods and I just love it there. I don’t particularly enjoy the prices, though. I spent about $85.00 on not very much stuff, but I wanted high quality meats in terms of antibiotic-free and all that, as well as #Whole30approved bacon and salad dressing.

Time to Cook

Once I got home, I made stuffed pepper soup and meatballs! This is a big deal; I’ve never made meatballs! My mother (and grandmother, when she was alive) makes delicious meatballs, but they contain bread and parmesan cheese, both of which must be avoided on the Whole30 Plan. So I found this recipe from Primally Inspired.

I mixed up the meatballs in this Pyrex bowl that my grandmother used to make her meatballs. This clearly ensured maximum deliciousness!

I mixed up the meatballs in this Pyrex bowl that my grandmother used to make her meatballs. This clearly ensured maximum deliciousness!

My modifications were no cheese, obviously, and I only used beef because two pounds of meat would have been way too much. Whole Foods had one batch of ground beef left at the butcher and it ended up being just a little bit more than a pound. That made twelve meatballs.

They. Are. DELICIOUS. I’m very proud of myself, haha.

Baked, not fried!

Baked, not fried!

I’ll pair that with some compliant garlic marinara and zucchini noodles for a couple lunches this week. I’ve never tried zucchini noodles with pasta sauce, but I am excited to try it! I hope it doesn’t disappoint? If any of you have tried it before, let me know how it was – good or bad!

We also made compliant mayonnaise from the book and it is pretty darn good! It calls for the juice of 1/2-1 lemon. We used half and I cannot imagine having the juice of an entire lemon in there because we thought half was even too much. We’ll reduce that with the next batch.

Complaint, homemade mayo on the left & the chicken salad my sister made with it...so GOOD!

Complaint, homemade mayo on the left & the chicken salad my sister made with it…so GOOD!

So How’s It Going?

Now, let’s talk how this plan is actually going.

I’m on day 5, which, according to the book is the Kill All the Things time. I admit, I’ve experienced a lesser version of that yesterday, but nothing severe. I also haven’t been exceptionally tired. I have had a headache, Saturday night into Sunday morning. Overall, though, I have not experienced anything severe.

I have had some pretty random cravings. I expected to want Chinese food and sweets, but instead on Friday I wanted a tuna sub like no one’s business. We had a birthday celebration with cake for a co-worker and I was only mildly tempted, but if it had been a tuna sub, I am quite sure I would have totally caved….for TUNA?!?! And this weekend, I’ve been needing ketchup, which is pretty strange; I love ketchup, but I’m not a put-it-on-everything type of person. I just want that tangy sweetness!

I feel lighter most of the time after I eat, which I like. I also feel great about all the choices that my family and I are making. It feels good to be cooking our meals 100% of the time. I also feel hungry most of the time. Often after a meal, I am full, but then hungry an hour later. I don’t think the issue is not eating enough; I think it’s what I’m eating. There are no carbs (except from fruit), so I think the absence of that heavier stuff is the biggest adjustment I’m having to make.

Other than that, I’m not having many challenges with this (so far), so I’m happy. It makes the idea of sticking to parts of this seem that much more attainable!

Let’s hear from you! Have you tried Whole30? Share your experiences or your favorite compliant recipes! If you haven’t done Whole30, do you think you’d ever try??


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